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CSE launches new community retrofit guide

Thermal image of a house showing heat loss from the walls
24 June 2023

Our free community retrofit guide covers everything community groups need to get started on retrofit projects

There’s an important role for community-led retrofit activity in our journey to net zero. That’s why the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has launched a new guide for community groups or local energy advice organisations.

The free Community Retrofit Guide covers everything community groups need to know to get started on retrofit projects, including how they work, how to get involved at various stages, and examples and inspirational stories from Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) and Bristol Energy Network (BEN).

Whether it’s about understanding home retrofit, explaining the options, identifying opportunities, audits or running events, community retrofit makes places better for the people using them while also reducing carbon emissions.

Community groups can use the guide to develop their own retrofitting project and engage with their communities.

Pages from the community retrofit guide

Retrofit is the solution

The need for retrofitting homes and buildings to make them more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions has never been more urgent. With the threat of climate change and the rising cost of energy, retrofit is one of the most effective solutions to both these problems.

Retrofit is about planning and making improvements to buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions. It can mean anything from basic repair and maintenance to draught-proofing and insulation, to heat recovery or renewable energy technology.

Apart from reducing carbon emissions, retrofitting has several other benefits for the community. It can help to reduce energy bills, improve the comfort of homes and buildings, and create local jobs. Retrofit can also boost the economy by creating new markets and opportunities for businesses.

Community retrofit is the way

Community groups are well placed to support retrofitting work, given their local knowledge, connections, and expertise. They can play a vital role in raising awareness, providing advice and guidance, and mobilising local resources.

Community groups can also act as a bridge between residents, businesses, and policymakers, helping to build consensus and collaboration. The guide is freely available online and can be used and shared by anyone interested in retrofitting. Community groups can also contribute to future versions by providing feedback and suggestions to CSE.

By using and sharing the new Community Retrofit Guide, you can play a vital role in supporting this work and building stronger, more resilient communities.

Download it here

Download our free Community Retrofit Guide here

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