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Data & innovation

Data & innovation can support everyone: citizens, community groups and local authorities.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or technical.

CSE is exploring how innovative approaches to climate action can get stronger engagement and have a bigger impact. We’re doing this by drawing on our knowledge of communities and our technological expertise.

Data-driven insights create captivating stories that ignite discussions. From maps revealing air quality, visuals comparing carbon footprints, and energy usage displays in buildings, interesting conversations flow.

Using innovations like being able to tap into real time energy substation data or explore the solar PV potential of every roof on your street lends itself to engaging people in different ways to inspire climate action.

Meanwhile, data on things like fuel poverty, carbon emissions, or EPC ratings can help direct resources where they’re needed most.

Readings of solar PV electricity generation from panels on a community facility roof can be read on a mobile app. This picture, from our OpenLV project, illustrates the power of technology and data to bring about change.