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Future generations

Ensuring young people feel inspired to play a meaningful role in the transition to our future energy system

We know the energy transition to a net zero future is not only a technical challenge but also a societal and cultural one.

Youth Climate Action Fund

In Bristol? Looking to fund a new youth project in the city?

Young people have an important contribution to make in decisions that impact on their lives, organisations, and communities.  With the right support, young people can obtain the skills, knowledge and confidence to not only get involved with decision making, but to step up and become decision makers themselves.

Two teenagers sit on a grassy bank. They are smiling towards the camera.
The Bright Green Futures residential at Mill on The Brue in Somerset. August 2022.

Creating a culture with young people’s opinions and contributions recognised, valued and acted upon by wider society is beneficial to everyone.

At the Centre for Sustainable Energy, through our Future Generations programme, we create:

Note: In the scope of our Future Generations work, ‘young people’ are defined as those under the age of 25.

Bright Green Future is one of our pioneering youth empowerment programmes. This six-month environmental leadership course is for 16-19-year-olds interested in sustainability. Watch this short video where students explain the benefits of the programme.

Fundamental to our approach is sharing what we’re doing, our knowledge and our learning

Questions or suggestions about our Future Generations work? Get in touch. Our resource is sometimes limited, but we’ll always help wherever we can.