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Post pages tagged with "Energy advice"

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    Composite image showing subjects covered in energy advice training: an elderly woman adjusting her thermostat, a radiator valve, a lighted gas cooker ring and a man rolling out insulation.

    Energy advice training

    Half-day training course for people working with vulnerable clients in financial difficulties who struggle to heat their homes or afford their househo ...

    Energy advice Fuel poverty
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    Prepare your home for extreme cold weather

    Tips to prepare for extreme cold weather. Ice and frost can have a significant impact on the structural integrity, efficiency, and overall well-being ...

    Energy advice
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    a thermal image of a radiator taken from above.

    Thermal Imaging Cameras for warmer winters

    A thermal imaging camera can help you identify where heat is escaping from your home, so that you can make energy saving improvements.

    Energy advice Insulation & heating
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    An elderly couple sit closely together on a sofa

    The Mitchell's Story

    Andy and Linda were recovering from cancer and other severe health problems but were living without heating or hot water...

    Energy advice Fuel poverty Impact stories
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    Image of a house and Share the Warmth logo

    Share your warmth today

    As winter approaches, more people than ever are seeking out CSE’s help to keep warm at home

    Energy advice Fuel poverty Team CSE
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    A woman wears a hijab and holds part of it over the sun. Her silhouette is outlined and we see her shadow.

    Husniya's story

    Through our Cosier Homes Advice Service, CSE stepped in to support Husniya, a single mother of three, who was receiving threating debt collection lett ...

    Energy advice Impact stories Fuel poverty
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    an older woman at home in a chair with a mobile telephone

    Mary's story

    Mary, who lives in Newbury, had been living without central heating for four long months. Not only was it cold and draughty in the depths of winter, i ...

    Energy advice Fuel poverty Impact stories