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Heat decarbonisation

Heat decarbonisation is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK.

Supporting our UK transition to net zero, our team are leading experts in energy system modelling and software development to optimise heat decarbonisation within buildings.

Moving towards low carbon options like heat networks and heat pumps must go alongside making all UK buildings energy efficient. That’s why we’re also pioneering retrofit innovation.

A street in Bristol is being dug up to lay a network of district heating pipes
A street in Bristol is being dug up to lay a network of district heating pipes.

At CSE, we understand the complexity of decarbonising our heat systems. We’re uniquely placed to provide expert, impartial insights because we see the connections across the groups we work with from householders, communities, our work in policy and research, technical advice and work with energy industry.

Our data analysts and software developers build analytical tools and models enabling better insights, better understanding, improved decision-making and more appropriate and cost-effective action by policy-makers and practitioners at local and national level.


Accelerating strategic heating and cooling planning throughout Europe
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Revolutionising the development of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems
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The government Heat Network Zoning pilot

An expert modelling solution for government Heat Network Zoning proposals
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