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Safe & Warm Somerset

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Safe and Warm Somerset is a free advice service dedicated to helping people in Somerset stay warm and healthy in their homes. 

Project duration: November 2017 – ongoing

Safe and Warm Somerset (S&WS) is a free energy advice service run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), supporting people in Somerset to stay warm and healthy at home.

To date, S&WS has helped more than 1,500 households to make energy savings worth more than £900,000.

How S&WS helps people living in cold homes:

S&WS aims to tackle fuel poverty at its root causes: high fuel costs, low incomes, and poorly insulated homes.

We help people struggling with issues like high energy bills, energy debt, damp and mould, faulty or broken heating systems, and supplier misconduct. We provide expert advice over the phone, through home visits, long-term casework, and at outreach events. Through these services, our advisors help Somerset residents to:

Landlords in Somerset can contact S&WS for advice about improving the energy efficiency of their properties and any available grants to fund these changes.

We also provide energy advice training to local community organisations through the Rural communities energy support network. This enables local organisations to identify people at risk of fuel poverty and provide basic energy advice.  

Mental health support

Living in a cold home can severely impact people’s mental health. S&WS advisors and caseworkers are trained to provide emotional support to the people who reach out to them. This can be simply talking through their concerns with them, helping them feel confident about asking for more support, or referring them to mental health charities.

I feel like someone finally listened to me. It felt good to get things off my chest. I now know who I can speak to if I ever feel like I’m struggling again.


Our impact

Since the project started in 2017, we’ve provided people with a huge range of support, from basic advice on behaviour changes they can make to save energy, to helping them access grants for home energy efficiency improvements worth over £20,000.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new heating system. My home’s so warm now, it’s like a palace!


I’ve already changed my behaviour to reduce my energy use, and I’m teaching my friends and family about changes they can make too!


S&WS is funded by Public Health England, New Somerset Council, Somerset Independence Plus, and Somerset Community Foundation.

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