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Priority Services Register

A child using an inhaler. Households including young children or anyone with a health condition, can sign up for their energy company's priority services register

The Priority Services Register is offered by all electricity and water companies. It offers extra help when there is an unplanned cut in electricity or water supply.

Updated in February 2023

What is the Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is offered by all electricity and water companies. If you sign up, you’ll get extra help for when there is a power cut or in case your water supply suddenly stops.

So if you’re dependent on electricity or water for medical equipment or because you live with a disability, you should register.

This is different to the priority list you can be on with your energy supplier but please let us know if you want us to sign you up to this as well.

Looking for the form? Click here to scroll directly down to it.

Why should I be on the Priority Services Register?

Who qualifies for the Priority Services Register?

If any of the following apply to you, you qualify for the Priority Services Register.

If your situation isn’t listed, you might still be able to sign up for priority services for other reasons.

How do I sign up for the Priority Services Register?

We’re working with two of the UK’s electricity distribution companies – National Grid and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks – as well as Wessex Water to sign people up to their PSRs. If you live in their areas (green or blue on the map) you can sign up on the form below.  Note that this PSR is not the same as the one kept by your energy supplier (e.g. who you pay your bills to) but we can sign you up to this as well.

Map of England and Wales showing areas falling within the distribution networks of SSEN (blue) and National Grid (green)

Fill in the form …

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