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Pulse testing

We do accredited pulse testing for private and PAS work.

Pulse testing is a UK government-approved air tightness test. It is new technology and an alternative to the much more disruptive ‘blower door’ method.

It works by sending a pressure shock wave from a piece of equipment about the size of a small suitcase. The tester is placed in the centre of the home and is perfectly safe and does no damage. A sensor collects information from this pulse, and uses it to calculate the air tightness of the house.

The aim of air-tightness testing is to identify unintended gaps and cracks on the external shell of the building. These are places that cold air can get through. Air-tightness testing is essential in order to create a warm, energy-efficient living environment.

At a glance …

The Pulse system includes an air receiver and nozzle unit, and air compressor unit and a control screen. Unlike the blower door method, Pulse does not necessitate the building fabric to be penetrated. This means less disruption for occupants and construction workers.

We offer pulse testing services tailored to meet the requirements for both Publicly Available Specification (PAS) work and privately funded retrofit projects.

With our expertise in energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, we employ advanced pulse testing techniques to assess the performance and efficiency of buildings’ heating and ventilation systems. These tests help identify areas of improvement and diagnose potential energy efficiency issues, allowing for targeted retrofit interventions.

We work closely with project stakeholders, including homeowners, building managers, and contractors, to ensure smooth implementation and integration of the testing procedures.

By acting as a central hub for coordination, we help facilitate communication, scheduling and data sharing among all involved parties. This approach ultimately leads to effective retrofits that meet the specific requirements of both PAS work and privately funded projects.

A terrace of nineteenth-century houses in a midlands town

Take our pulse!

Book a pulse air-tightness test, or get in touch to find out about costs and other practicalities.

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