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A man installing a new energy efficient double glazed window unit into a Victorian terraced house.

Our pioneering project delivering low carbon housing retrofit

Project duration: ongoing

In the UK we are facing two big problems: rising energy prices and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions if we’re to reach net zero by 2050. Improving our housing energy performance, through home retrofit, is one of the best solutions to both these issues.

CSE’s Futureproof project helps deliver successful home retrofit work. It does this by stimulating local supply and demand for low-carbon retrofit in the South West of England by providing homeowners with bespoke retrofit advice and connecting them with skilled building contractors.

Our vision is for this kind of work to become the straightforward, natural choice for any building work done on our homes.

Previous analysis by CSE established that there are homeowners who are ready to make low-carbon improvements on their homes. However, they are less likely to act without the advice they need and a contractor they can trust. In addition, decent local builders are usually busy already and have enough work without low-carbon projects.

Futureproof addresses these issues by giving homeowners tailored support and connecting them with a highly skilled network of contractors, to ensure successful completion of the job. Project partner, The Green Register, provides training to local contractors to deliver sustainable retrofit.

The project includes:


For homeowners, Futureproof offers:

For the building trade

For local contractors, builders and trades, Futureproof offers a valuable opportunity to:

Solar panels on the roof of a house. It's winter, but the sky is bright so the panels will still be generating useful amounts of electricity.

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