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Retrofit assessments & retrofit coordinators

We undertake retrofit assessments and retrofit coordination for PAS-funded work.

CSE takes a comprehensive approach to retrofit assessments and coordination in support of Publicly Available Specification (PAS)-funded projects.

At a glance:

Close up of a person in a high-viz jacket using a thermal camera of a window to conduct a heat-loss test. The screen of the camera shows the colour gradation from blue (cold) to yellow (warm)
Using a thermal camera to conduct a heat loss test.

This service is suitable for local authorities, social housing providers, or organisations that have been awarded funds to deliver PAS projects for domestic households. This may be for individual households or whole building approaches such as tower blocks.


We conduct thorough retrofit assessments by evaluating the energy performance of buildings and identifying areas of improvement. We then determine the most effective retrofit measures for achieving energy efficiency goals.

Our expertise means we can assess the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact of various retrofit options.


We play a pivotal role in bringing together the different stakeholders involved in PAS-funded projects. Our skills lie in facilitating communication and collaboration among homeowners, contractors, suppliers, and funders. This helps to ensure smooth implementation and a successful outcome of the project.

We help streamline the project timeline, manage resources effectively, and ensure compliance with PAS requirements throughout the retrofit process.

We’re the team you’re looking for

If you need a committed and competent team of retrofit assessors and coordinators to undertake retrofit assessments for PAS work, get in touch.

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