Data to help Decarbonise in a Decade

Project duration: November 2020 ongoing

Update: the 3D website – www.3dhub.org.uk – was launched in March 2021. The data hub is at data.3dhub.org.uk

3D is an intiative to help decarbonise Birmingham (the largest metropolitan borough in England) within a decade. CSE is working alongside Birmingham City Council, the Birmingham Route to Zero Taskforce (R20 Taskforce) and local community partners to:

  • Establish an energy data hub.
  • Engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including through training and demonstrations.
  • Support city wide applications of the data as well as local community projects using data to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Evaluate the project and share our learning.

This innovative project will be running for 24 months and will include a fund and expert support for smaller community organisations who wish to make use of the data.

This fund has now picked 7 projects that use the 3D data in an innovative way.

Read more about the low carbon projects the groups are taking on https://www.3dhub.org.uk/community-funding 

Look out for further updates on how our groups are progressing with their projects

As a result of the project, a depository of useful datasets for Birmingham will be freely available online. We’re calling this the energy data hub. The data will be used be a range of stakeholders to plan, initiate and improve projects that cut carbon in the city, for example through the installation of solar PV or increasing provision for low-carbon transport.

The data (which will be held and managed securely and in line with GDPR guidelines) will cover areas such as demographic, socio-economic and health-related data, solar PV potential, housing energy efficiency and retrofit options, district heating system mapping, EV charging points, and transport modes, behaviours and associated emissions. Specific datasets could be added or analysed in more depth in response to needs identified as the project progresses.

Bridget Newbery  from CSE who is leading the project has said “We are delighted to be able to use our skills and expertise to help build this data set for Birmingham. It is an exciting and innovative project which we hope will be used as a model for other Cities who wish to create a carbon free future.”

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