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Community projects pages tagged with "Planning"

  • Project

    Solar panels on the roof of a house. It's winter, but the sky is bright so the panels will still be generating useful amounts of electricity.

    Solar Wizard calculator

    Solar Wizard is a household and community solar PV assessment calculator to support more people and communities to get solar power.

    Planning Community energy Renewables Building performance
  • Project

    A row of onshore wind turbines in a field, a bright blue sunny sky behind

    Common concerns about wind power

    An updated report into communities' common concerns about wind power. These issues should be considered when planning local renewables.

    Planning Community energy Renewables
  • Project

    A block of flats in Bristol

    Low Energy Apartment Futures

    Low Energy Apartment Futures was a European-wide project aimed at improving the energy efficiency of apartment blocks.

    Planning Building performance Policy Insulation & heating
  • Project

    Electricity substation


    If you make local electricity data openly available to the energy industry, community groups and app developers, what happens?

    Planning Community energy Renewables