Projects in a box

Everything you need to run a local energy a box!

'Projects in a Box' take the hard work out of the planning and preparation and contain all the resources you need to get going on a local energy project - literally in a box. All the projects are designed for community level delivery and can be run by individuals who are not necessarily experts in the field, to achieve effective local engagement and low carbon impact.

Some of the projects can be delivered in a day and don’t require much experience, while others are longer-term projects that might be delivered over the course of several months or a year and would be ideal for more experienced groups seeking something to get their teeth into.

At the moment we have six 'projects in a box':

  1. Draught proofing workshop: demonstrate and discuss draught proofing measures 
  2. Lightbulb swap: encourage people to replace their traditional bulbs with low energy equivalents
  3. Energy audit of a community building: assess current energy use and identify energy saving improvements
  4. Providing energy advice in your communitya drop-in service that offers energy advice to the community
  5. Improving the energy efficiency of traditional homes in your community: make energy smart changes that are senstitive to the style and fabric of the building
  6. Green Open Homesan event for visitors to see and discuss low carbon home improvements

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What's in the boxes?
Each box contains the stuff you'll need to make a success of the project

  • Guidance: A set of instructions explaining exactly what is inside and providing comprehensive advice on how to use the resources. Depending on the box, you will also find things like time plans, top tips, checklists, video guides and case studies.
  • Resources: All the materials and equipment you need to run the project, which could include demonstration materials and samples, information sheets, presentations or prompts for talks, surveys, games and giveaways.
  • Promotional materials: General guidance on how to engage people together with posters and flyers, template press releases and material for newsletters, websites and other media.
  • Evaluation support: Notes on how to measure impact, plus template feedback forms and questionnaires for relevant projects.

In some cases additional support can be provided  useful for groups with little experience or those keen to improve their knowledge and expertise.

For further information contact:

Bridget Newbery | 0117 934 1413

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