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Powering Up evaluation

A group of people attend a community class to make a draughtproofing snake for their home
15 December 2021

Key outcomes and learnings from the Powering Up project

Community-level action on energy is one of the key ways we can tackle the misery of cold homes and increase energy resilience, particularly in low-income communities.

Powering Up was a project run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), funded by the Friends Provident Foundation, to support the development of community energy projects in low-income communities. The 3-year project focused on three places – Duffryn in Newport, Penhill in Swindon and Hamp in Bridgwater.

The main project activities were focused on engagement and awareness raising to start conversations about energy in these communities and demonstrate hands-on practical ways people can act on energy. This was followed by capacity building activities to upskill members of the communities to start and run their own energy-focused engagement and projects.

Some of the key outcomes resulting from these activities were:

As the project was evaluated, we were able to draw out some key learnings that offer food for thought for anyone looking to run similar projects in the future, here are a few examples:

At the close of the project we wrote about the outcomes and what was learnt from this work. Click here for details.

How-to guides

We have developed resources to enable more communities to explore community-based approaches energy and fuel poverty. To find out more and get support for doing this kind of work, get in touch …

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