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Local delivery for net zero

Our consultancy, resources and tools help local authorities and communities meet this challenge and design ways to reduce their carbon emissions.

We understand it can be complex to work out how to get to net zero.

We help local authorities and communities develop strategies, prioritise the next best steps to reduce carbon emissions and put plans into action.

A street of terraced, red brick houses in the UK with cards parallel parked in front
Reaching net zero depends on councils and communities up and down the country reducing their carbon emissions. We can help you do this.

Building on our work with the Energy Systems Catapult to develop the original Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) method, we’re continuing to develop new approaches and analytical techniques for local energy decision-makers. Our goal is to support action at all levels, from individuals to communities, parishes, towns, cities, regions, and at national level.

Local Area Energy Planning

Discover our unique process process to inform, shape and enable the transition to a net zero energy system.
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Engagement and planning

We know we need to invest in working together to tackle the climate emergency, but how?
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