Pathways for projects

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This page is based on the Planlocal programme that we developed to give communities the confidence, knowledge and ambition to achieve a low-carbon future for their area. It provided support to communities seeking to influence strategic planning in their area and undertake low-carbon initiatives.

The PlanLoCaL website is now closed, but some content from the programme is available in the sections below. Many of these resources were first produced in 2011 but are still relevent now.

The original Planlocal programme had two major strands: renewable energy and energy efficiency. The later was based on the government’s Green Deal, now-closed. The resources below are all from the renewable energy strand.

User pathways

Once your group sets off on the path towards a low carbon or renewable energy project, getting people involved will be crucial.

You'll need to get your community thinking about energy and seeing the potential benefits of your project. You may want to encourage local residents to take part, or join your group as volunteers. Or you may be trying to involve people from your council, make links with local organisations and networks, and get local businesses on board.

Below are some downloads that give advice and guidance on all of these processes.

Identifying synergies between your project and wider community concerns
Identifying the stakeholders for your project

If you have a project which may be contentious, or on which you are keen to get input from a range of stakeholders, this section also explains how to run a community consultation in a constructive way to get the best results.

Why run a series of public events to establish a community renewable energy project?

Planning and facilitating events

An obvious way to get people from your community involved in your project is to hold public events: an energy day, a stall at a market or village fete, a film night, talks, or demonstrations, or a public consultations.

All events need careful planning. Thes resources will help you plan, promote or facilitate an event that pulls in the public and other stakeholders, is on-message and well-run.

Introduction to facilitation skills and group management
Practical guidance on setting up events
Outcomes and action plans
Guidance on promoting your events



An introduction to the technologies

Which technology is best for you?

Case studies

Managing a community project

Becoming legally recognised

Dealing with the planning system

Funding your project and reinvesting your profits.