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Retrofit advice for homeowners

Phone-based advice to help you carry out energy-saving home improvements with confidence.  

We offer retrofit support and advice through a team of trained retrofit advisors, accessible via phone consultations. This service enables householders to understand and explore their options for retrofitting their homes without the need for an in-person visit.  

Our retrofit advisors possess the expertise and knowledge to guide homeowners through the retrofitting process. We provide personalised recommendations and solutions based on the specific needs and circumstances of each household.

Our retrofit support and advice team are waiting for your call.

During the phone consultations, we can offer insights into energy efficiency measures, renewable energy systems, insulation, heating systems, and other retrofit interventions. We can explain the benefits and costs associated with different options, helping homeowners make informed decisions. 

By providing remote assistance, we make retrofit advice accessible to a wider audience, empowering householders to act towards improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of their homes. This phone-based support plays a crucial role in CSE’s mission to promote sustainable living and energy efficiency by making retrofit knowledge and expertise readily available to homeowners. 

All our advisers have completed a City & Guilds qualification in Energy Awareness, and have a Level-3 Award in Domestic Retrofit Advice from the Retrofit Academy

A tradesperson working in a loft space using a drill to install energy efficiency home improvements

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Professional retrofit services

Helping businesses, councils and social housing providers improve the energy performance of their buildings
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Community retrofit

There’s an important role for community-led retrofit activity in our journey to net zero.
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