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Winter Resilience Pilot Impact Evaluation

Final research report to Citizens Advice Winter Resilience Advisory Board
By Nicky Hodges, Daisy Goaman and Richard Kimberlee, CSE
April 2018

Research by CSE into the Manchester and Stockton pilots of Citizens Advice’s Winter Resilience Pilot.

Citizens Advice set up the Winter Resilience project to design and pilot the implementation of a single point of contact for housing and health referral services, as recommended by the NICE guideline for tackling ill health due to cold homes.

Citizens Advice provided a small amount of seed funding to seven local Citizens Advice offices to learn about what works by trialing and testing different referral pathways.

This independent evaluation of the pilot project considers the project’s impact and its viability for wider rollout.

The analysis focuses on the Manchester and Stockton pilots, which were able to collect sufficient baseline and follow-up data to measure impact.

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