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Enfield LAEP

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Pioneering local area energy planning in London

Project duration Nov-21 to Nov-22

Charting the course to net zero: A London first

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), working with the London Borough of Enfield and subcontractors Ricardo, has successfully delivered the first Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP) for a London borough. We’ve created a comprehensive framework to help Enfield achieve the ambitious target of becoming a net zero borough by 2040.

Project highlights

A whole system approach to Enfield’s LAEP

Our plan adopts a comprehensive approach to three key areas for decarbonisation: heat in buildings, transport and power systems. We developed a sequenced route map to net zero, building on existing opportunities and addressing challenges to change. The plan focuses on early interventions, introducing net zero technologies and initiating capacity building within the market to spark wider adoption. As part of this strategy, we identified three priority projects for detailed investigation and near-term implementation.

The proposals were for:

Our integrated approach to Local Area Energy Planning

We applied our expertise in four key areas of LAEP delivery to develop a robust and actionable plan:

1. Cutting-edge technical analysis

We produced a detailed, technically robust evidence base assessing options for decarbonising heat in buildings, transport and power systems. This included:

2. Beyond technology: Tackling real-world challenges

Following guidance from Local Area Energy Planning: The Method (authored by CSE), we conducted a comprehensive assessment of non-technical factors. Using our Walking Around the Issues framework, we evaluated:

This approach considered both local and national conditions for success.

3. Building consensus: Stakeholder engagement

We ran an effective stakeholder engagement process throughout the LAEP development to secure ownership and commitment.

We brought together diverse voices from across Enfield including:

Through a series of dynamic workshops, we:

This collaborative approach ensured that Enfield’s path to decarbonisation reflects the needs and aspirations of the entire community. By involving stakeholders at every stage, we’ve built a strong foundation for turning this plan into action.

4. From plan to action: Governance and delivery

We proposed strategies to embed the LAEP into local planning and align it with network operators’ investment plans and community initiatives. Our proposals for ongoing governance and delivery aim to ensure the LAEP becomes a ‘live’ and evolving plan by:

Tangible results: Outcomes and impact

The Enfield LAEP provides a clear framework for action, representing a significant first step towards whole energy system decarbonisation. It offers:

By following the LAEP’s recommendations, Enfield is well-positioned to maintain momentum and achieve its 2040 net zero ambition. The plan is already integrated into Enfield’s Climate Action Plan, demonstrating its immediate practical value.

Your path to net zero starts here

Are you looking to chart your path to net zero? CSE’s comprehensive LAEP approach can provide the robust, actionable plan you need. We can also support with other forms of area-based net zero or renewable energy resource studies. Please email Julia Oggioni to discuss.

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