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A view down a street in Germany where district heating pipework is being laid.

Enabling local authorities and consultants to quickly scale to meet heat networking planning project demands, with results that can be trusted.

CSE developed THERMOS (Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System) to accelerate the development of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems.

THERMOS simplifies planning for a futureproof energy system; helping urban areas or building clusters reach net-zero emissions and tackle climate change through heat decarbonisation.

Using state-of-the-art modelling techniques, THERMOS will identify place-based, user-specific optimal heat network solutions for any given area within minutes.

It makes heat network planning faster, more transparent, more efficient and more cost effective.

The THERMOS tool estimates the heat demands of every building in a city and deploys a set of purpose-built algorithms to optimise the design and layout of local heating and cooling networks. 

THERMOS offers robust support to heat network pre-feasibility studies, producing optimised network scenarios enabling those with most potential to be prioritised for further investment and analysis.     

Discover more on the THERMOS website

Solving your heat network planning problems anywhere in the world

THERMOS delivers planning analysis that other solutions simply cannot. Deciding which building to connect and how to connect them (when there are thousands of options available), it allows users to identify the optimal solution anywhere in the world. Even if users have minimal planning experience.

Rapid results

THERMOS identifies place-based, user specific optimal network solutions for any given area within minutes.

It significantly reduces rework in the planning stages, through delivering accurate results first time. And enabling you to easily and quickly iterate planning options over and again.

Rigorous and credible analysis

THERMOS offers precise high-resolution address-level mapping and built-in energy demand estimations, to deliver rigorous and accurate results, that reduce implementation errors and save time.

It also provides flexibility with data input, allowing user-specified local data to be uploaded to further increase accuracy of results.

Solutions are defined according to the user’s chosen criteria and the specified energy planning problem.

Cost-effective solution

Free up your valuable resources to do higher value evaluation work, while THERMOS does the tedious data processing and planning tasks at far lower cost.

THERMOS identifies the most profitable or least-cost way of providing thermal energy to a set of buildings or area.

Replicable and scalable

Automated standardised data sets are used across different problems in an integrated workflow.

This delivers replicable, adjustable, and comparable results, that can be scaled across one or multiple projects with ease.

Easy-to-use, accessible and shareable

All stages of THERMOS analysis are provided in a single web-based application, facilitating openness and collaboration between consultants, technicians, their clients, and other stakeholders in real-time. Results are simple, flexible and shareable

Almost five years in development, THERMOS is now revolutionising the way opportunities for low-carbon district heating networks are identified and evaluated.

Subscriptions and usage

At a basic level, access to THERMOS is free; just register at

(For details of the limitations of the basic-level access, click here.)

But for full access you need to take out one of three subscriptions:

1) Academic

For educational instutions.Free, unlimited access to the THERMOS public server. One user per account. Subscription lasts 1 year.

For an Academic subscription, please use the form below.

2) Standard

Unlimited access to the THERMOS public server. One user per account. £1,000/year (plus VAT).

For a Standard subscription, please use the form below.

3) Bespoke

Unlimited access. Dedicated server. Up to five users per account. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements so we can arrange an individual quote.

Subscribe to THERMOS

When we receive your form, we’ll issue an invoice for payment (if required). And when the subscription is confirmed, an email will be sent which includes details for accessing THERMOS. We will respond within five working days from from receipt of your form.

All subscriptions are non-exclusive and non-transferable.

Restrictions applying to basic-level access

Anyone can use THERMOS absolutely free and without a subscription, though some restrictions will apply:

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