SSEN energy advice programme

Supporting residents with reducing energy bills and keeping warm at home

Project duration: June 2021 ongoing

CSE is working in partnership with Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to support anyone in the company’s Southern region (see map) who may need help with energy bills or keeping warm at home.

SSEN are a District Network Operator, and responsible for maintaining the electricity networks supplying homes and businesses across central southern England. But the project offers support to anyone in SSEN’s Southern area, no matter who they buy their electricity or gas from.

This programme is one of several in which CSE works with a major energy company to help improve the circumstances of their most vulnerable customers.

CSE's Katey Bell said, "In this programme, we've been particularly focussing on building relationships with professionals whose work brings them into contact with householders who may be struggling to pay their heating bills or who live in homes that are unheathily cold and damp. There's a simple referral form they can fill in and we will pick up the case."

The kinds of issues these householders are facing include:

  • Being unable to afford their energy bills or having energy debt.
  • Feeling cold at home, or only heating part of the home.
  • Living in a home that is damp or draughty.
  • Living with a broken boiler or inadequate heating system. Funding maybe available for repairs and upgrades. 

If you are a health or welfare professional and want to refer your client, use the form on this page.

Householders can, of course, get in touch themselves if they need help, and there's a form on this page for them to do so.

If you want to know more about the programme, email

For further information contact:

Cora Paine | 0117 934 1404

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