Advice for landlords on new minimum energy efficiency standards

Helping landlords plan for changes to housing regulations

Project duration: September 2017 ongoing

A new project - 'Get ready for minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES)' - will help landlords in the South West understand their legal obligations in the wake of new energy efficiency standards which come into force in April 2018.

The new regulations require all landlords of homes with an EPC rating of G and F (i.e. the two lowest ratings) to bring them up to at least an E standard by April 2020. For some, this is a significant undertaking, but to date there has been little action taken to help landlords understand how to meet these new standards and which homes they will apply to.

Research that we conducted earlier this year showed little awareness amongst landlords in the South West of the new regulations or the fact that they may be liable to be fined up to £5,000 if they don’t take action to either improve the energy efficiency of their properties or apply for an exemption.

“The changes in MEES are very welcome” explained Kate Thomas, CSE’s lead on the project. "The private rented sector has some of the UK's most inefficient houses. This contributes directly to high levels of fuel poverty, with as many as 45% of households in an F or G rented property living in fuel poverty. The new regulations are a good opportunity to improve these properties to make them more liveable."

Through the Home Energy Freephone number CSE will provide advice to landlords on:

  • Understanding their current EPC rating and its accuracy.
  • If the new standards will affect them.
  • What measures they need to take to make their property more efficient.
  • Grants and financial support available for making changes to their property.
  • Information on how to apply for an exemption and how they can evidence their exemption.

“By helping landlords understand how the new standards will affect them we’re hoping to ensure that as many properties as possible get energy efficiency measures installed," said Kate. "We’ll be able to help landlords find funding (where it’s available) for making these changes as well as suggest trusted installers."

This project has been funded by he TDS Charitable Foundation.

Photo by Albert Bridge, reproduced under creative commons

For further information contact:

Kate Thomas | 0117 934 1429

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