Data-based advice on night storage heaters

Combining advanced data analytics with one-to-one advice

Project duration: May 2017 ongoing

Smart and Snug will use advanced data monitoring technology to help the Home Energy Team give personalised advice to people using night storage heaters. Building on the methodology and techniques we developed in a similar project called Chariot we’ll use sensors to collect data about how storage heaters are used. This data will then be presented in a visually accessible format which Home Energy Team advisors will use to give personalised support to householders.

“Although we know that a lot of people struggle to get to grips with using night storage heaters effectively, we don’t always know the ‘bigger picture’ in terms of how the heaters affect their overall energy use and the warmth of their home” explained Paul Winney, project manager. “By linking up with CSE’s research team we’ll be able to get a much clearer idea of how to help people with storage heaters who are struggling to keep warm.”

The technology will also be able to identify periods of under-heating and explore how best to provide households with a ‘thermal safeguarding’ alert to help reduce the risk of an unhealthily cold home. Informed by these data analytics, energy advisors will also refer households for appropriate interventions such as insulation, tariff advice, PSR registration etc.

“Seeing data about their own homes makes it easier for people to understand their energy use. And, it will help us to understand what we can do to help them. In the long run this data will improve our knowledge of what the most effective interventions are for dealing with cold homes or high bills, and how we can advise those using storage heaters” said Paul.

You can find out more about the technology we used developed in Chariot and will be using in Smart and Snug here. Smart and Snug will initially trial with 20 Somerset households.

If you live in Somerset and use a night storage heater you may be eligible to take part as a trial household in this project. Please contact for more details.

For further information contact:

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