Eight top tips to save energy this winter

18 January 2022

The temperature drops at this time of year, and with it comes colder homes that take more energy to heat. If your home is uninsulated and draughty and if your appliances are inefficient, you could be wasting energy and money and your home could be less warm. However, there are some simple steps you can take to improve energy efficiency and save money. Each small change helps to tackle the climate emergency because you’ll use less energy, while keeping you warmer at home.

We’ve put together some of our top tips for saving energy that will also have a positive effect on your bills. These are some simple suggestions anyone can take onboard to step towards more sustainable energy use. Why not give these a go?

  • Turn your heating down by one degree. While it might sound counter-productive in winter, one degree is not noticeable and could save you up to £80 a year. If you are elderly, ill or have small children, don’t go below 18°C.
  • Keep air within each room by draught-proofing your doors, letterbox and windows. If you have air bricks or vents, leave these open as blocking them can be dangerous. You should also draw your curtains at dusk to minimise the amount of warm air escaping. These steps can save you up to £50 a year. If
  • In fact, it’s a good idea to turn off all appliances when not in use.
  • Did you know an electric shower uses 3 – 4 times the power of a kettle? Cutting down on the amount of time spent using one can make a big difference.
  • Use a smart meter to keep an eye on your energy usage, using the information to make adjustments and lower your bills. Smart meters are thought to reduce energy use by 5%.
  • Defrost your freezer regularly. A defrosted freezer can save £150 a year.
  • Wash your clothes at the lowest temperature possible and always make sure you are only washing full loads.
  • Prep your radiators. You can add reflective radiator foil behind radiators on external walls to stop heat from being absorbed. If your radiators are under windows, you can tuck your curtains behind them to stop heat from escaping.

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