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CSE’s top advice for coping with rocketing energy bills

A smart meter on a kitchen counter
1 September 2022

The energy crisis continues to dominate the news agenda, reflecting widespread and acute concern about how millions of households will cope with rising gas and electricity bills this winter.

Everyone, it seems, is looking for ways to save gas and electricity. CSE has resources and advice for increased energy bills that can help.

The following are pages on our website, and each one is also available as a downloadable PDF.

How much electricity am I using?

A handy guide to what different household electrical appliances cost to run. A 10-minute shower will cost you 78p, for example, and an hour of tumble drying £1.30. This is among the most visited pages on our website.

Central heating controls

Make the best use of your heating system so that it works efficiently and not wastefully. It covers various types of heating controls including programmers and timers, room thermostats, and radiator valves.

Energy monitors

Many homes have one, but how often to we look at them? These accurately measure and display a household’s electricity (and sometimes gas) use in real time, and can help you understand where savings can be made.

Secondary glazing

Approximately 10% of heat loss from your home is through your windows, and a further 15% through draughts. Secondary glazing can be a cost-effective way of reducing this heat loss and making your home more comfortable.

DIY draught-proofing

A bit of DIY can go a long way to plugging those gaps and keeping cosy at home. You’ll stop wasting money on your heating bills, and cut down on your carbon emissions too.

We’re very glad that many organisations, including health centres and local authorities, link to these pages on their websites for the benefit of their clients.

Sharing our knowledge and experience is a core value of CSE, so we encourage other advice agencies to use this information and distribute it widely. The text (but not the images) can be freely used and adapted.

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