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Coping with Cold – a short film series

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A short series of four films to raise awareness of fuel poverty to help professionals identify who needs help.

Project duration: April 2013-November 2014

Coping with Cold is a series of four short films produced to highlight the main causes and impacts of fuel poverty. With millions of UK households living in fuel poverty, it’s essential that professionals who work in community settings have the understanding and awareness to be able to spot people who are struggling, and to know how they could help.

Funded by the Nationwide Foundation, filmed by The Rural Media Company and produced by CSE, the Coping with Cold series is aimed at these professionals. Health visitors, debt advice services, carer support groups and others will have access to short films drawing on the knowledge and experience of CSE, and the true stories of people who have found themselves living in fuel poverty.

For the film below, ‘Living in fuel poverty,’ we interviewed three people who had received help in the past from CSE fuel poverty intervention projects and were happy to share their stories.

Coping with Cold short films

1 | Understanding fuel poverty
An overview of the issue, its causes and its effects.

2 | Tackling fuel poverty
Ways to spot households in fuel poverty, and organisations that can help.

3 | Spotting the signs of fuel poverty: home visits
A CSE volunteer leads a demonstration home visit, showing things to look out for, questions to ask, and help that you can offer.

4 | Living in fuel poverty
People share real life experiences of fuel poverty and its effects on lifestyle, health and mental wellbeing. And the difference that receiving help has made.

We’ll be using the Coping with Cold films in our own external training for professionals, and we want to encourage other organisations to use the films as part of their own staff training on fuel poverty.

You can watch these videos, plus more, on our YouTube

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