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Bristol Energy Champions

An event stand with a model of a wooden house on top. An energy advisor and community members stand around it talking about energy.

Training people to engage their communities with sustainable energy.

Porject duration: December 2014 – December 2015

This Bristol Green Capital project created a network of Energy Champions to drive sustainable energy initiatives for Bristol 2015 and beyond. The Energy Champions engaged people, communities and local businesses with saving energy, generating local renewables and tackling fuel poverty.

People (at home or work) are more likely to change their behaviour when they are inspired or encouraged by someone local who they know and trust. Harnessing the power of peer endorsement, this project enabled a wide ranging and diverse group of Bristol volunteers to act on and communicate sustainable energy in their local community.

The project idea evolved from the groups that make up Bristol Energy Network (BEN) and was a collaborative effort between BEN (of which CSE is a member), OVO Energy, Friends of the Earth and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. With the help of start-up funding from Ovo Energy and a Bristol 2015 strategic grant, we trained around100 Energy Champions over the course of the year.

Working in partnership across the city 

In collaboration with partner organisations or in their local neighbourhoods, Energy Champions supported a range of local initiatives:

Training for Champions

A training programme was created specifically for the Energy Champions covering a host of sustainable energy topics including low carbon retrofitting, smart meter roll out, affordable warmth and renewable energy.

One of the intentions for Bristol’s year as Green Capital was to create a legacy of sustainable living. The network of trained volunteers will continue to support Bristol’s sustainable energy efforts past 2015, supporting this long term vision.

This project is funded by Bristol Green Capital and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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Bristol Energy Network
OVO Energy
Friends of the Earth
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

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