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Mission Net Zero

Ferry on a river, with a row of houses painted bright colours in the background.

We’re a key player in this £5m initiative, working with communities to speed up Bristol and the West of England’s transition to net zero.

Project duration: April 2024 to November 2025

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is a key partner in Mission Net Zero, a £5 million initiative to accelerate Bristol and the West of England’s transition to net zero by 2030. The project is funded by Innovate UK and will run from April 2024 to November 2025.

Mission Net Zero aims to reduce the region’s carbon emissions in ways that align with local priorities and correspond with Just Transition principles.

The project will:

Mission Net Zero partners

To deliver this project, we’re working alongside:

Transforming Energy Together

CSE’s main role is delivering the Transforming Energy Together programme. This programme will support three community organisations to develop climate action plans and explore funding opportunities to turn them into a reality. We’re working with Bristol City Council, Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership and Bristol Energy Network to help these organisations identify and develop investible community energy projects. The projects can focus on generating renewable energy locally or reducing energy use in homes and neighbourhoods in the region.

CSE is also contributing to the wider Mission Net Zero project by offering local authorities access to tools and data to develop robust sustainable energy projects and creating opportunities for young people to participate in net zero decision-making.

We’re thrilled to be a key partner in delivering Mission Net Zero, as it’s a genuinely unique opportunity to bring significant net zero investment to our region in a way that is shaped by community priorities. We’re confident the project is going to have so much learning to offer other regions looking to decarbonise their cities in an inclusive way.

Louise Hosegood, Local Energy Engagement Project Manager at CSE

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