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The Enabling Works Fund in action

Heating engineers Astill Gas used the enabling works fund to support the instalment of a new low carbon heating system at the home of client, Graham.

Graham lives in a semi detached house in Hampshire. He was eligible for Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme funding to install an air source heap pump at his home. However, he had an old fuse board and his rewireable fuses needed upgrading.

The installer, Astill Gas, applied to the Enabling Works Fund for £640 to cover installing a new fuse board. The LADs funding secured for the air source heap pump was £12,000. This meant the application and approval process was swift as it easily passed the funding return test.

Graham now has his new heating installed, which will help futureproof his home. Without this grant, the energy saving home improvements may not have been installed because the LADS funding didn’t cover any enabling works.

Enabling Works Fund

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