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Britain Talks Climate maps: targeted climate change messaging for local authorities

Effective climate communication starts with understanding your audience.

At the Centre for Sustainable Energy, we recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to climate messaging often misses the mark. Different people have different values, concerns, levels of knowledge and attitudes towards climate change. That’s why we’ve partnered with Climate Outreach to pioneer a localised approach to climate change communication.

Introducing Britain Talks Climate mapping

Our Britain Talks Climate mapping service combines in-depth research and segmentation from Climate Outreach with local demographic data to provide a powerful tool for targeting your climate messaging.

We’ll create tailored maps that show how different audience segments are distributed across your local target area. This insight allows you to strategically craft messaging that resonates with each group’s values and priorities.

map showing Bristol LSOA data with Britain talks climate segments overlaid
Map showing Bristol LSOA data with Britain Talks Climate segments overlaid

Why localised climate messaging matters

Inclusive engagement that responds to local needs is key to building public consent and enthusiasm for net zero initiatives. Top-down, blanket messaging often overlooks the power of community based climate action driven by genuine local priorities.

Our mapping sets you up to move beyond catch-all campaigns towards communications that connect with the real concerns of your residents.

This localised, values-based approach improves engagement, fostering the crucial public buy-in required for long term climate action success.

How targeted mapping works

We combine Britain Talks Climate research from Climate Outreach with Experian demographic data to model how seven distinct audience segments are distributed across your area.

Our mapping visualises where different motivations, values, and levels of climate awareness cluster. It’s accompanied by research-backed guidance from Britian Talks Climate on the most effective messaging approaches and trusted messengers for each segment.

Using LSOA, ward or parish level mapping, you’ll be able to incorporate the guidance and recommendations strategically in the development of your local climate change messaging. 

“The maps have fundamentally changed how we’re delivering our services.” – Simon Slater, EcoBirmingham

Transforming climate communications, an example from EcoBirmingham

Our support with targeted climate messaging

We’re currently working with range of local authorities to help them map, visualise and engage with the audiences they need to reach.

We can combine and overlay information with other data to improve targeting and response rates.

We can help with finding the best and most accessible ways to share data and support non-professional communicators, people who are new to climate communications and people who are not familiar with segmentation to use the data to strengthen the work.

Start more effective climate communication today

Packages start at £5,000. Contact us at for a bespoke quote and to bring precision-targeted climate messaging to your area.

CSE values partnerships and collaboration. We wish to acknowledge the crucial contributions of many colleagues and stakeholders in the development of the tool. Not least, Rachel Coxcoon (Climate Guide) and Climate Outreach, More in Common and the European Climate Foundation.

All components of the Britain Talks Climate Research remain the intellectual property of Climate Outreach, More in Common and the European Climate Foundation.

What is Britain Talks Climate?

Britain Talks Climate is an evidence-based toolkit designed to support engaging the British public on climate change. Building narratives that resonate with a diverse range of values and everyday concerns is critical for the long-term goal of deepening public engagement – and keeping it there.

Britain Talks Climate groups the population into seven different segments based on More in Common’s core beliefs model. It provides an evidence-based, shared and strategic understanding of the British public and – against a backdrop of growing concern about polarisation – identifies ways to engage across the whole of society.