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Advice leaflets in other languages

Arabic | Polish | Somali | Welsh

Here are some of our most popular advice fact sheets translated into other languages that are commonly spoken in the UK.

Many Arabic speakers, Poles and Somalis are relative newcomers to the UK and experience difficulties when it comes to ensuring their homes are adequately heated, insulated and ventilated, and also in dealing with energy companies. We hope that these leaflets can help remedy some of the most widespread problems, making homes warmer and healthier.

The leaflets are free to download and distribute, and we encourage you to share them widely. We’d also love to know how people use them, so drop us a line.


These are in Modern Standard Arabic, the form of Arabic used for most printed materials.

Preventing damp and mould

Night storage heaters

Central heating controls

Reading gas and electricity meters

Switching tariffs

Room heaters

Money Saving Tips

Economy 7

التكثف، الرطوبة والعفن

مدافئ التخزين الليلي

التحكم بالتدفئة المركزي

الغاز والكھرباء: كيف تقرأ العداد

يف تحصل على الفائدة القصوى من الشركة التي تزودك بالغاز أو الكهرباء؟

الدفايات الغرفية\"الصوبايات"

نصائح من أجل تخفيض فواتير الطاقة

تعريفة Economy 7


All our Polish translations also available in an easy to read format for those with low levels of literacy.

Preventing damp and mould
Kondensacja, wilgoć i pleśń – Jak sobie z nimi radzić | easy to read version

Night storage heaters
Piece akumulacyjne – Krótki przewodnik | easy to read version

Central heating controls
Regulatory centralnego ogrzewaniaeasy to read version

Reading gas and electricity meters
Gaz i energia elektryczna  – Jak odczytywać liczniki | easy to read version

Tips to save energy and money
Jak oszczędzać energię i pieniądze – wskazówki [easy read only]

Many thanks to Talking Money, whose Polish speaking staff recommended topics for us to translate and proofread the final documents.

The easy-to-read leaflets meet European standards.


Our Somali language energy-advice leaflets address issues commonly faced by this community, many of whom subsist on low incomes and in poor housing.

Preventing damp & mould | Habka looga hortagi karo qoyaanka, dhedada ama uumiga keena

Digital Economy 7 meters | Cabirka korontada

Economy 7 | Dhaqaale 7

Heating your home with electricity | Ku kululeey aqalkaaga koranto

Insulating your home | Ka difaac Qabowga

Using a night storage heater | Kuleyl keydiyaha habeenkii, habka isticmaalka qiimaha korantada

Reading your meter | Aqri cabirka korontada

Setting a central heating programme | Qeybta laga maamulo kuleyliyaha

Using your gas central heating | Talaabooyin muhiin u ah, hab isiticmaalka kuleeliyaha gaasta

Top 10 energy saving tips | 10 talo oo Muhiim u ah korantada

In the past 12 months we have also produced two Somali language videos (with English subtitles): 'How to pay for your gas and electricity' and 'How to avoid damp and mould'.


These leaflets were kindly translated by Conwy Borough County Council.

Cold homes and health | Gwres ac iechyd

Draught-proofing | Atal drafftiau 

Economy 7 | Economy 7

Energy monitors | Monitorau ynni

Getting the best from your energy supplier | Cael y gorau gan eich cyflenwr nwy neu drydan

How much electricity am I using? | Faint o drydan ydw i’n ei ddefnyddio?

Lighting | Goleuo

Night storage heaters | Stôr-wresogyddion nos

Preventing damp and mould | Anwedd, lleithder a llwydni

Room heaters | Gwresogyddion ystafell

Secondary glazing | Gwydr eilaidd

Energy efficient glazing | Gwydro effeithlon o ran ynni

The Polish, Arabic and Somali leaflets were produced under a grant from Awards for All, part of the Big Lottery Fund.


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