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Love your old home

Workbook for owners of traditional homes

This is a workbook that helps owners of traditional homes (those built before 1919) make their houses warmer and cheaper to run while maintaining their historic significance and protecting the fabric of the building itself.

Traditional dwellings contribute greatly to our understanding of the past. The people who built your home and lived in it before you may have left a wealth of information that can help you understand its story.

Improving your home to make it more energy efficient is just another chapter in that story. It will tell those who come after how our generation adapted to the pressures of unprecedentedly high energy prices and our understanding of the causes of climate change.

And while there are opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian or homes, it’s important to bear in mind the impact that this could have.

Get it wrong, and you could undermine the historic value of your home, and also cause physical damage to it. Get it right, and you’ll have a warmer, more comfortable home that can continue to help us understand our national story for decades, or even centuries, to come.

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