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Analysis of D3 in DECC’s energy system models

By Tom Hinton and Joshua Thumim, CSE
Report to the Department of Energy and Climate Change
July 2014

A review of the approach by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to D3 modelling.

D3 is the family of technologies and interventions which affect the use and production of energy on the demand side of the energy system.

This report looks at:

  1. What challenges D3 poses for energy modelling.
  2. How DECC’s models represent D3.
  3. How the models are connected together.
  4. How the models are already used to consider D3 questions.
  5. Where the models may fail to capture D3 costs or benefits, either because of the way they are used, or due to fundamental limitations in the design.
  6. What DECC could do to improve their models or use of models in the analysis of demand side policies and D3.

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