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Intelligent Digital Energy Advisory Service (IDEAS)

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Creating an app to deliver personalised energy advice to help people reduce energy waste.

Project duration: Since April 2019

In 2019, CSE collaborated with Eliq Ltd and Bristol Energy to develop an app to help people reduce energy waste – Intelligent Digital Energy Advisory Service, or IDEAS.

The project developed and trialled intelligent software, which used smart meter and home information – like occupancy and household appliances – to create personalised energy advice. Consumers were matched with the most relevant advice for their home and circumstances. The advice is personalised based on smart meter data and consumer motivations, then delivered to customers through a mobile app.

A key aspect of this project was a self-learning algorithm, which selected the most relevant advice for each home. Energy advice tips were written and adapted in their style and tone to suit different consumer groups. For example, a ‘deep green’ energy customer – highly motivated by environmental issues – received a differently worded energy advice message to a household that is primarily motivated by managing their energy costs.

Eliq Ltd lead the project, which was funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Smart Energy Savings (SENS) Innovation Competition. Eliq is a Swedish energy management company that specialises in data visualisation and feedback. It works with energy suppliers in the UK and internationally providing apps and web portals for consumption feedback and billing.

The project aimed to ensure consumers with a variety of backgrounds and circumstances benefited from smart technology.

CSE continues to work with Eliq Ltd to update the energy advice tips.

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