THERMOS - subscriptions and usage

Information for users on cost and availability

Almost five years in development, THERMOS is now revolutionising the way opportunities for low-carbon district heating networks are identified and evaluated. THERMOS estimates building heating and cooling demands across cities, and deploys a set of purpose-built algorithms to optimise the design and layout of local heating and cooling networks.

At a basic level*, access to THERMOS is free. No subscription needed; just register at

But for full access you need to take out one of three subscriptions: 

  1. Academic. For educational instutions.Free, unlimited access to the THERMOS public server. One user per account. Subscription lasts 1 year. 
  2. Standard. Unlimited access to the THERMOS public server. One user per account. £1,000/year (plus VAT). 
  3. Bespoke. Unlimited access. Dedicated server. Up to five users per account. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements so we can arrange an individual quote.

For Academic and Standard subscription, please use the form below.

When we receive your form, we'll issue an invoice for payment (if required). And when the subscription is confirmed, an email will be sent which includes details for accessing THERMOS. We will respond within five working days from from receipt of your form.

All subscriptions are non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sub-licensable. If you have any questions or would like to upgrade your account, arrange dedicated technical support or arrange a bespoke subscription, please email

* Anyone can use THERMOS absolutely free and without a subscription, though some restrictions will apply:

  • Only 10 optimisations may be run in a 7-day period.
  • A maximum of 8,000 roads and buildings can be up uploaded.
  • The maximum run-time for any single network or supply optimisation is 1 hour.
  • Optimisations may only be run when use of the THERMOS server is low. 

For more information, please contact

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