Community Energy for Everyone

We believe in an energy system which ensures that no one is left behind as we transition to net zero

Project duration: September 2021 ongoing

For further information or free toolkits and resources on how you can engage with your community, email Tess Rushton Project Worker:

Following on from the successes of Powering Up – our project that strives for more inclusive community led action in the energy sector – we've been working to disseminate learnings and resources for inspiring community energy activity in other lower-income communities, with funding from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Research led 

Our research team have mapped out communities that could most benefit from an increase in community resilience.

Project Manager, Harriet Sansom, said: "We believe that community energy can have a strong role in building local energy resilience. With households and local businesses remaining vulnerable to fluctuating energy prices and many homes failing to meet people’s basic needs for warmth, there has never been a more pertinent time to act. This project is a fantastic opportunity to spread the learnings, resources and tools that we’ve developed through our community energy work to date, focusing this in more vulnerable communities”.

Leaving a legacy of agency 

We aim to upskill members of these communities to be able to spot the signs of fuel poverty, reduce the demand for energy, increase energy literacy and understand climate change. We are supporting community groups in these areas with tools, resources, workshops and practical advice on how they can become energy champions in their local area.

Acting to address these issues in communities which are already dealing with other social issues is complex – people may not have the time, resources or headspace to proactively engage with the energy system, or to start up a community energy project. With this in mind, we aim to be able offer our time and resources to make it easier for these communities to take action and help to embed long-lasting resilience.

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