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CSE awarded Independent Research Organisation status by UKRI

CSE's logo on a wall-mounted sign
20 March 2024

We’re now an Independent Research Organisation recognised by UK Research and Innovation; a status only awarded to organisations with a strong ability to deliver research for the UK.

In a significant milestone, the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has been recognised as an Independent Research Organisation (IRO) by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). This esteemed status is awarded only to organisations with a strong ability to deliver impactful research benefitting the UK.

We were assessed by the Economics and Social Sciences Research Council and were thrilled to receive their decision earlier this year and take our place on their list of organisations eligible to apply for funding.

Recognising our independent and rigorous research

CSE’s new status certifies the independence and rigour of our research programme. It recognises and rewards years of dedicated research and hard work by our team of research and analysis experts and is a testament to our track record in areas like socially just transitions, heat decarbonisation, fuel poverty, and distribution impacts analysis. This recognition aligns with UKRI’s core priorities, including principles of open data and open access research.

Speaking about the news, CSE’s head of research programmes Charlotte Johnson said: “Since joining CSE, I’ve seen how our research is uniquely shaped by working directly with households, communities, government, and industry. Our advice team supports over 19,000 households yearly, giving us a grounded perspective on immediate priorities.”

Leading UKRI funded research programmes

The IRO status means CSE can now lead UKRI-funded research programmes, driving the agenda from the ground up – starting with the questions posed by those taking tangible climate action. As an IRO, CSE can collaborate with academics to translate research into accessible knowledge that creates real-world impact.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to partner with the academic community on impactful research supporting climate action,” Charlotte continued. “This ability to lead is particularly important. CSE has a long track record of working collaboratively with academics, but with the rise of what’s known as the ‘Impact agenda’ within academia, CSE (like many charities) receives many requests to support university-led research.

“With our relationships to groups on the ground CSE is recognised as a route to impact, helping to translate academic research and create access to new knowledge for those that can benefit from it. But as an IRO, we now have the opportunity to drive the research agenda, starting from the questions posed by those we support.  We are looking forward to taking forward this opportunity and collaborating with academic colleagues on impactful research that supports action on climate change.”

CSE’s new IRO status is an external recognition of our research excellence. It opens doors to funding that will amplify CSE’s mission to end the suffering caused by homes while tackling the climate emergency at the same time.

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