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Consultancy projects pages tagged with "Behaviour change"

  • Project

    Our new home text

    Our new home

    Research into families' experiences of their first year of living in new build high energy performance affordable rental homes.

    Behaviour change Energy advice
  • Project

    An image showing how the e-Genie application works on an iPad. The screen shows a line graph of energy and temperature data

    C-tech toolkit

    A toolkit for engaging staff and improving energy management in the workplace.

    Behaviour change Education Building performance
  • Project

    Close up shot of the controls of a washing machine.

    Analysing the impact of Time-of-Use tariffs

    Analysis and modelling of domestic electricity use patterns to support research into the impacts of Time of Use tariffs on domestic consumers.

    Behaviour change Energy justice
  • Project

    Birds sitting on electricity cables.

    Who's on our wires?

    Working with a district network operator to prepare for changes in electricity demand.

    Behaviour change Planning