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Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is offered by all electricity and water companies. If you sign up, you'll get extra help for when there is a power cut or in case your water supply suddenly stops.

So if you're dependent on electricity or water for medical equipment or because you live with a disability, you should register. This is different to the priority list you can be on with your energy supplier who you pay your bills to but please let us know if you want us to sign you up to this as well. This gives you:

  • Advanced notice of planned interruptions to your electricity or water supply.
  • Advice on how to be prepared for a power cut, or water outage on what to do if one happens and, if necessary, a cold weather crisis pack (where available).
  • A direct number to call to get straight through to the network operator in the event of an unplanned power cut.
  • Special help, if needed, from emergency response organisations. In some cases free bottled water can be supplied or in the case of a power cut a generator for the medical equipment you depend on to stay safe.
  • Having your bills sent in a different format such as Braille or another language and the option of a password for when the supplier needs to visit you. 

Who qualifies?

If any of the following apply to you OR you simply feel that you would worry without these additional adaptations to your supply, sign up using the form below.

  • You're aged over 60.
  • You rely on electricity for medical reasons or for mobility equipment.
  • You have a hearing or visual impairment.
  • You have a disability or long term health condition.
  • You have a child under 5.
  • Anything else which would cause you to feel vulnerable in a power cut or water outage such as mental health.
  • A health condition which makes it difficult for you to understand your bills or to stay warm at home.

We're working with two of the UK’s electricity distribution companies - Western Power Distribution and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks - as well as Wessex Water to sign people up to their PSRs. If you live in their areas (green or blue on the map) you can sign up on the form below.  Note that this PSR is not the same as the one kept by your energy supplier (e.g. who you pay your bills to) but we can sign you up to this as well.

Just complete and submit the form below and we’ll get you signed up to the right PSR either on the same day or next working day after that.

Your details

Please indicate your preferred method of contact *

Please indicate here if you are deaf or hard of hearing and use only text or another method to stay in touch

Do you need an interpreter? Please specify what language:

Would you like to nominate someone else as your contact? *

Do you or anyone in your household rely on electricity or water for home medical equipment? *

Please tick the box if you or someone in your household fits into any of the categories below:

Temporary registration
If we plan to turn off the water supply and you think you will have difficulty reading the card we send, what would you like us to do?
In an emergency, we sometimes inform customers using a loudhailer. If you think you may not hear, how would you like us to contact you?

Would you benefit from your bill being in a different format?

Please provide us with any other important information that you would like to tell us below:

A password system helps you to guard against bogus callers.

If you would like your supplier to use a confidential password when they visit your home, please enter one here:

Data Protection

In submitting this form I understand that the information I have supplied will be stored by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and shared with Western Power Distribution (WPD), Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), your water utility or energy provider for the purpose of adding my details to the Priority Services Register.

In submitting this form I understand that CSE will use your information to complete either WPD, SSEN, your water utility or energy provider’s own web forms for the purpose of providing Priority Services.

I understand that by CSE submitting SSEN, WPD, your water utility or energy provider’s web form SSEN, WPD, your water utility or energy provider may need to pass your details to a third party such as the British Red Cross, Local Authority or Emergency Services, in order to provide you with priority services.

CSE, SSEN, WPD, your water utility or energy provider will not use or pass your details to a third party for marketing purposes. If you have a nominated contact, you are giving your explicit consent for WPD, SSEN, your water utility or energy provider to talk to your nominated contact on your behalf when providing priority services. This may mean WPD, SSEN, your water utility or energy provider will share information about you and your electricity or water supply with them.

If you are a WPD customer in South Wales or the Midlands we will need to pass your details on to our partners at the Energy Saving Trust (Wales) or Citizens Advice (Midlands) for the purposes of signing you up to the PSR and providing additional advice if you have requested it.

Do you struggle with your bills or staying warm at home?

There are many ways we can help you keep your home warmer and save you money on your energy bills. To find out more about what this will involve see how we can help, and for more information about how we will use your data, please see how we will use your information.

Please tick this box if you would like a member of the Home Energy Team to contact you to provide additional advice and support

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