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The ‘community’ is a special place, but not easily defined. It could be a neighbourhood, a facility like a school or clubhouse, or an interest or faith group. Working with communities demands a particular approach and the resources that we’ve used successfully for many years can be found here.

Using home energy assessments to engage householders

Guidance on how you might choose to engage with local householders by carrying out home energy assessments.

Household energy use questionnaire

This is an example of a survey for assessing household energy use. You can use this if you are doing home energy assessments in your local area.

Home energy survey report template

If you're using home energy assessments to engage with householders in your area then this template report will be a useful resource to give to households. It includes details on all of the most common improvements that you are likely to recommend from a completed survey.

Running a local project to address fuel poverty

We’ve put together this information sheet which summarises some of the methods, tools and resources you can use if you are planning to run a local fuel poverty reduction project.

Low Carbon Communities Handbook

A comprehensive handbook designed to assist community groups in running projects and engaging the community, with ideas and examples from groups in Oxfordshire, but replicable anywhere.


CAG Oxfordshire

Resource Futures


Calculating your carbon emissions

This spreadsheet helps you to calculate CO2 emissions based on annual energy use for different fuel types.

Holding an energy day: guidance

A guide that provides you with a breakdown of the tasks and work that needs to be thought of in advance when planning an energy day.

National Heat Map

The National Heat Map is a web-based tool to support low-carbon energy projects. It can generate high-resolution maps of heat demand for any geographical area in England, which can then be used to determine whether a district heating system might be suitable for an area.

Identifying and assessing a potential district heating area using the National Heat Map

An exercise to help you to gain a better understanding of the heat demand of your area by using the National Heat Map, and so identify and assess a suitable site for a potential district heating scheme.

Assessing the heat demand of a whole community for biomass district heating potential

This exercise shows how to estimate the heat demand of a community in a defined area, and assess this potential for biomass heating.

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