Energy efficiency improvements

When reducing the carbon footprint of a building it makes sense to look at how to make it more energy efficient before considering a renewable energy project. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest improvements can make the biggest impact. Here are our favourite resources to show you how.

Low and zero cost energy improvements to community buildings

This short guide contains tips which could help you reduce the amount of energy used in your community building for little or no cost and cut the amount of money you spend on fuel bills.

Responsible retrofit of traditional buildings

A report on the existing research and guidance for upgrading traditional buildings with low carbon improvements including some recommendations.


Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance


Improving energy efficiency in community buildings

Our key guide for community building managers summarising the considerations when looking at improving the efficiency of a community building.

An energy survey pro-forma

This survey is a comprehensive document to assist you in carrying out an energy audit for a community building.

Insulation in more detail

A comprehensive guide comparing different types of insulation - how do they work, what is the installation process like and could you do it yourself?

Heating and appliances in more detail

A comprehensive guide comparing different types of heating systems - how do they work, what is the installation process like and could you do it yourself?

Finding the right installer

Finding the right installer to carry out work for you can make a big difference to your experience. Here are some tips and installer listings.

Getting the best out of energy efficiency improvements

This resource explains some issues to be aware of when helping people to get the best out of any energy saving improvements they make to their homes, or to a community building.

Estimating the heat demand of a hypothetical community building

This exercise shows how to estimate the heat demand of a community building, as well as the typical carbon emissions and the costs associated with meeting this.

Permitted developments

Find out when you would need, or wouldn't need, planning permission.

Listed buildings, heritage and landscape (film)

This short film explains how planning applications in heritage settings will have particular local and national rules to follow, and this film will help you understand what may be necessary.

Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings

How to apply Part L of the building regulations to historic buildings. This means reducing heat losses wherever possible without damaging their special character or compromising their performance.

Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings

A comprehensive guide to the key aspects of the responsible retrofit of traditional buildings. Produced by STBA on behalf of DECC.


The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance

Sep 2012

Heritage Energy Efficiency Tool

The Oxford Heritage and Energy Efficiency Tool helps assess energy efficiency improvements for historic buildings.

Making old buildings energy efficient

A simple guide, including example and case studies, on improving the energy efficiency of traditional buildings.

Eco Church

An award scheme for churches in England and Wales who want to demonstrate their low carbon credentials. Includes a free online survey and supporting resources all designed to equip your church to express your care for the environment.

For Creed and Creation

A simple guidebook for running a greener church, which includes sections on heating, draughts and insulation, lighting and other relevant subjects.

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