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Targeting & mailouts

We help with finding and targeting properties for funded works, such as the Home Upgrade Grant.

Many local authorities in England have won Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) funding from central government to improve the energy performance and heating systems of off-gas grid homes.

But to fully embrace the HUG, many need additional with targeting so that they’re not wasting money by targeting the wrong households.

This is where our expertise comes in.

We are currently working with Bristol, North Somerset, Bath & Northeast Somerset and Somerset councils. And we’re in advanced talks with other local authorities also seeking our support.

At a glance …

We can help councils optimise their efforts and maximise the impact of the grants by directing them towards households that can benefit the most from energy efficiency upgrades.

To precisely identify eligible households for HUG and similar schemes, we use a tool that we have developed over several years that harnesses data from Experian and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data.

By integrating multiple data sources, we effectively target households that meet the specific criteria for the grants, ensuring that the limited resources are allocated efficiently.

Aerial view of suburban housing arranged in a a cul-de-sac, showing rooftops and gardens .
Birds-eye view: CSE can identify eligible households for HUG and similar schemes, saving councils from targeting areas that don’t quality.

The Experian data provides valuable insights into households’ financial situations and eligibility for government assistance programs, while the EPC data offers information on energy efficiency ratings and potential areas for improvement.

Using the tools at our disposal we conduct targeted outreach campaigns and engagement strategies, reaching out to eligible households and raising awareness about the availability of HUGs and other projects.

Hitting the right targets

Don’t waste time and money by directing your efforts and ineligible households. We can help councils optimise their efforts and maximise the impact of the grants

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