The ’Smart and Fair?’ Offer Profiling Tool

Capabilities or attributes for participating in smart energy offers

Project duration: September 2020 ongoing

The Smart and Fair? Offer Profiling Tool provides a framework to assess systematically the capabilities and characteristics required for households to participate in one or multiple smart energy offers. Based on the Capability Lens, the tool (an Excel spreadsheet) is currently a beta version.

Click here to download it.

The Offer Profiling Tool was built as part of Smart and Fair?, our project exploring social justice in the future energy system.

Experience of using the tool to profile a smart energy offer suggests this exercise not only reveals the characteristics of those households more likely to take up an offer, it also encourages users to be more precise in their conception of the offer being considered. This is because the tool effectively ‘asks the question’ of whether any of a wide range of capabilities or attributes might be relevant to participation.

By using the Offer Profiling Tool to assess a number of different offers, it can help build up a picture of the required capabilities which are common to many offers and which ones tend to occur in combination both within offers and for individual consumers.

An assessment of either individual offers or multiple offers can suggest potential opportunities for mitigation – interventions which would allow more people to participate in an offer. At a very simple level, if high speed broadband is identified as an essential requirement to take up an offer, providing high speed broadband would be an effective mitigation for those households for which that is the only ‘missing’ attribute.

User testing of the Offer Profiling Tool revealed its value as a stimulus to discussion between different people who have each assessed the same offer. Exploring the differences between each user’s offer profile can help colleagues to deepen their understanding of both the offer(s) in question and the consumers likely to participate.

In September 2020 we completed Phase One of the programme and published our report outlining our findings and recommendations, and our plans for Phase Two. Click here to download the report.

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