Working in partnership to help pre-payment meter customers

Supporting pre-payment customers with budgeting

Project duration: March 2016 to March 2017

CSE is leading a collaboration with Talking Money and WE Care & Repair to deliver a single point of contact service for Bristol residents with pre-payment meters.

Bristol has significantly more households on pre-payment meters than the national average (21% compared to 16%). Although a pre-payment meter is not in itself an indicator of fuel poverty or fuel debt, many of those using them suffer from overlapping problems surrounding financial capability and affordable warmth. Additionally, those using pre-payment meters frequently pay more for their fuel than people paying by quarterly bill or direct debit.

The partnership aims to tackle complex issues connected with pre-payment meters including debt, financial capability, home repairs and energy efficiency by offering a streamlined support service that deals with problems comprehensively.

Lisa Evans, CSE’s project manager, described the benefits of working together with other organisations: “We want to make sure that the underlying issues surrounding fuel poverty are tackled. That’s why we’re so pleased to have been working in partnership with Talking Money and WE Care & Repair. Working together means that we can address many different issues at the same time, instead of just focusing on one problem and one approach.”

This project is funded by the Ebico Trust and will comprise of targeted interventions to reduce fuel poverty, debt, and the detrimental effects of living in a cold home.

For further information contact:

Lisa Evans | 0117 934 1402

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