Working with researchers and policy makers

Well-grounded policy advice to Government, regulators and other key agencies

CSE’s policy and research work is underpinned by 30 years of experience of what works and what doesn’t work in sustainable energy, and we seek to share the lessons we’ve learned through well-grounded policy advice to Government, regulators and other key agencies.

CSE has particular research experience and policy analysis skills in:

  • the characteristics and causes of fuel poverty and their solutions
  • consumer attitudes to energy use and energy saving
  • community engagement and planning for the deployment of renewable energy
  • distributional impacts of UK climate policies
  • smart meters and smarter networks
  • energy regulation and its impact on energy saving and energy service companies
  • programme evaluation.

The policy-makers we work with and advise include: Department of Energy and Climate Change (and previously BERR and DTI), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Energy regulator (Ofgem),  Communities and Local Government

We also work closely with, and in an advisory capacity for, a number of universities including Bristol, Surrey, Cardiff, East Anglia, Sussex, Oxford and Bath.

For an informal discussion about how CSE can help researchers and policy makers contact:
Simon Roberts, Chief Executive  |  0117 934 1441 or
Joshua Thumim, Head of Research  |  0117 934 1439 or
Janine Michael, Head of Development  |  0117 934 1414 or

For further information contact:

Simon Roberts OBE | 0117 934 1441

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