Working with housing providers

From housing assessment modelling to insulation schemes

With around 3.7 million homes in the UK, social housing providers have many opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty through stock management and engaging staff and tenants in energy saving.

CSE works with housing associations and other social housing providers using a range of technical and socially-based approaches to improve energy management. Our services include:

  • Housing assessment modelling
  • Green Deal/ECO recommendations
  • Insulation schemes
  • Home energy advice and behaviour change support
  • Training (for staff or tenants)
  • Technical services
  • Strategy development

For examples of how we've helped housing associations, see the following projects and news stories:
Social landlords key role in carbon reduction targets
CSE teams up with Somer Housing to deliver advice projects
Support for Flourish Homes

Making procurement easier
In October 2012, CSE was appointed to Procurement for Housing (PfH)’s national framework for Energy Consultancy for three years. PfH is supported by the National Housing FederationChartered Institute of Housing and Housemark. CSE was the top scorer amongst applicants to the framework, which means that PfH’s 800 members – including many housing associations and local authorities – can directly contract a wide range of relevant work to CSE without the need for further tendering.

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