Behaviour change training for the construction industry

CSE designs module for Cumbria Action for Sustainability

Project duration: February 2013 to May 2013

Cumbria Action for Sustainability, or CAfS, is a charity and social enterprise set up to promote sustainable development across Cumbria. As part of a range of educational activities CAfS, in partnership with the University of Cumbria, has set up a training programme geared to construction industry professionals – “retrofitting for energy efficiency”.

Recognising that the practice of sustainability is as much about behaviour and behaviour change as the technologies themselves CAfS asked CSE to design and deliver the behaviour change module in this programme.

The bespoke training we developed outlined the theory of behaviour change and gave practical examples of how ideas from social psychology such as “norming”, “anchoring”,  “loss and risk aversion”  can be practically used  to develop schemes which are more engaging and create the right context for behaviour change.  In designing the training module we drew on CSE’s first hand experience of delivering behaviour change programmes in the wild and used a mix of presentations, workshop exercises and case studies to get the often complex ideas across in an interesting and memorable way.

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