Energy@Home Starter

A Carbon Saving Communities and Affordable Warmth scheme

Project duration: August 2013 to March 2014

Building on the success of the Bristol Home Energy Upgrade, CSE partnered with Bath & North East Somerset Council to manage a seven-month scheme helping residents on low incomes get heating and insulation upgrades. Funded by SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy), DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) and Bath & North East Somerset Council, this programme offered grants for energy efficiency improvements.

Rolling out ECO funding to the people who need it

This is the first energy efficiency retrofit scheme we have managed where the majority of grant funding came from the Energy Company Obligation. Bath & North East Somerset council provided some additional funding for a number of free Green Deal Advice Reports or Energy Performance Certificates, as well as top-up grants for solid wall insulation and boiler upgrades to make the scheme even more attractive to householders.

CSE's Paul Winney said: "This project is a great way to help people across BANES take advantage of the ECO funding that's available to them.”

This programme presented another opportunity for us to understand the complexities of ECO, and to make householders more familiar with the Green Deal process. Have a look at our Green Deal blog for more on our development of projects like this.

What was on offer

The brochure below gave an overview to interested householders:


In brief, the grants were available to homeowners and privately renting tenants. The scheme was designed so that the homeowners had flexibility and choice over their home improvements, from the materials used to the accredited installer.

Residents of certain areas of Twerton and Southdown were able to receive grants to help them fund insulation improvements, through the Carbon Saving Communities part of ECO. Some of the most vulnerable residents could get a free Green Deal Advice Report too.

Residents in all other areas of BANES who were in receipt of certain benefits could get help with insulation and boiler upgrades, often fully funded, thanks to the Affordable Warmth strand of ECO.

This project covered:

  • Home energy assessments
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Loft insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solid wall insulation

Who we helped

Over the seven months of the scheme, 33 householders in Bath & North East Somerset received funding to replace their old boilers with brand new, efficient ones. ECO grants were topped up by council funding where needed.

The extra support offered by our Home Energy Team was crucial to getting customers through to the end of the (sometimes complicated) ECO process. We helped vulnerable customers by talking them through the scheme, making appointments with surveyors and installers, speaking to solicitors, popping round to help complete and collect paperwork, and keeping in regular contact to check how everything was going.

We also built links with a number of local installers through running this scheme, enabling them to access ECO funding and new clients.

Now this scheme has closed to new applications, please call our Home Energy Team to find out about other grant schemes in your area.

The Energy@Home Starter was a forerunner to the Energy@Home scheme, which BANES Council will launch in the autumn. More details to follow.

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