EU funding for low carbon refurbishment programme

A more energy-efficient future for over 6,000 homes and public buildings

Project duration: June 2012 to February 2013

CSE worked with Bristol City Council to support their bid for funding from the EU European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) programme.

The bid was secured in early 2012 and the grant agreed in June 2012.  It provides a grant to support the technical, legal and commercial analysis required to make ‘investment-ready’ a major £140 million programme of low carbon refurbishment investment in homes and public buildings over the next 3 years.

Simon Roberts, CSE’s Chief Executive, said; “We’re really pleased to have been able to help the Council secure this EU funding by pulling together the evidence, undertaking new analysis of the opportunities, and drawing up the programme development strategy.  The initial ELENA grant will enable a real step up in practical work to realise the City’s ambition to become world-leading low carbon city.”

Initially, the investment programme will focus on preparatory work leading to:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of over 6,000 homes and public buildings through wall insulation, heating improvements and other measures
  • Installing over 7,000 renewable energy generating systems on homes and public buildings such as solar panels and wood fuelled heating
  • Developing district heating networks where several buildings are heated from a single, efficient boiler.

The ELENA funded-programme will deliver these measures by making use of UK financial incentive arrangements such as feed-in tariffs, the Renewable Heat Incentive, the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation. It is intended as the first phase of a longer-term programme to transform the energy performance of Bristol’s homes and buildings.

Simon Brooks, European Investment Bank Vice President said: “The launch of the European Local Energy Assistance programme in Bristol will both improve energy efficiency and ensure supply of low carbon and renewable energy in the city. The broad range of projects planned in Bristol will inspire similar cities in the UK and across Europe to look at ways to accelerate deployment of feasible energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes.”

For further information contact:

Simon Roberts OBE | 0117 934 1441

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