Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme (BEES)

Our long-running, council-funded scheme offered free home insulation for everybody

Project duration: September 2008 to December 2012

The Bristol Energy Efficiency Scheme (BEES) was a city-wide project aimed at tackling cold, damp homes by installing loft and cavity wall insulation for free.

The scheme insulated over 10,000 properties. Many of these were 'vulnerable' households, in particular elderly or disabled people or those in fuel poverty, to whom the project provided extra assistance.

Any resident who privately owned or rented their property was eligible to receive free cavity wall and loft insulation.

Loft insulation top-up was also free if there was less than 150mm of existing insulation.

This project is no longer running, but we still run similar schemes. If you live in Somerset or the former Avon area and would like to find out what grants may be available for this type of home improvement, please contact the Home Energy advice line on 0800 0822234 or email

Improving the comfort of homes in the city alongside the reduction of fuel bills and carbon emissions were intrinsic objectives of the scheme.

BEES also worked with partner agencies to try and ensure that residents were informed about, and had access to, other assistance which was available. This may have been fire safety or home security advice; latterly the project linked up with Bristol Water, enabling residents to access free water efficiency kits through the scheme.

BEES was committed to using the best products for the job. In the case of cavity wall insulation this was 'Diamond Bead' which has shown an improved performance over other cavity wall insulation materials. Loft insulation comprises of 270mm thick mineral wool rolls, and both products comply with the British Board of Agrément, ensuring quality and a high resistance to heat loss.

Our contractor was Domestic and General.

This project was funded by Bristol City Council and a fuel supplier (the actual one changes periodically) and was available to all privately owned or rented households across the council area.


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